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 An urgent message from "Da Chief" Merrill W. Gitlin  USN (Retired)

When times and conditions get tough, that's when we put another notch in the belt and get "tougher" and pull together.  THAT IS WHAT US AMERICANS ARE ALL ABOUT.

Our Shipmates did not give up and we are still putting them in "Harms Way".  Most of you do not remember WW11 and other times when Americans pulled together.  Well I lived during those times and am proud to be a Veteran.  Now more than ever our Troops, Veterans and their families NEED YOUR HELP!


This company has been set up to raise the much needed funds for your Grandparents, Parents, in fact all of your relatives and families who have served with honor, so they have the money for their Veterans Hospice and Special Programs, which is supported by all of us Americans.

The following are some of the Special Programs at the VA Regional Hospitals that need our support besides the funds needed for the VA Regional Hospitals Veterans Veterans Hospice families. *

1.   Nursing Home Care Unit (Hospice)
2.   Clinic Indigent
3.   Food for the homeless
4.   Chaplains Fund
5.   Social Work Fund
6.   General Purpose - Comfort/Welfare Items.  Veterans service/supplies
7.   Canteen Books
8.   Recreational Activities - Recreation supplies/services
9.   TCU equipment fund
10.  Educational Grants
11.  Clinic Vet Assist
12.  Vet Center Recreation
13.  Psych remodel fund
14.  General purpose - recognition

By donating whatever amount you choose to donate, you will be honored in placing your name or buniness or service on our web site and receiving a certificate thanking you for your donation.
Any donor who has donated $400.00 or more will have their familys name and state they live in posted in our "HALL OF HONOR" web page.  For a business or service company or profession their web site address will be placed with a photograph of their business (provided by them) in our HALL OF HONOR" web page.  If they do not have a web site, we will design a one-page page for them acknowledging them. When we have any events such as the "Dodie Blessing Veterans Hospice and Special Programs Golf Tourney" or the Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Two Bell Ceremony dinners, they will be acknowledged on signs and/or programs as sponsors of that event.

* - Your donation will be sent to the VA Regional Hospital in your area.

The only costs taken out of donations are the following:
  Ink for printing mail-outs, promotions, correspondence etc.
  Web site hosting and changes and updates.
  Corporation filing of $100.00 each year.

As you can see with the above costs, almost 100% goes to the Veterans Hospice and Special Programs at the VA Hospitals.

We are very upset that other so-called companies use our Veterans and their families for personal gains.  we are not affilated with any of these bogus organizations.

No donation is too small - any amount will go a long way to help our troops, veterans, families, hospice and special programs.  thank you for your consideration.


There is a website (www.veteranshospice.org) that solicits funds via e-mail and flat mail that this website has no association with.

www.veteranshospice. COM does NOT have a mail-out list, nor do we openly ask for funds as the .ORG does.  .COM is a non-profit company and 100% of any monies received volentarily go directly to the veterans hospice of your choice.

We have recieved many e-mails from people they have offended with their e-mails & flyers.